Understanding the Root Cause of Data Security Breaches and the Mitigating Measures

Understanding the Root Cause of Data Security Breaches and the Mitigating Measures

Security is a major factor in the development of people, institutions and corporations. Security ranges from protecting people, company assets and finances. Without it people fail to develop while organizations register losses. In this age, security breaches in company servers may lead to exposure of personal files which in the wrong hands get used for activities like ransom demands among many others.

Understanding the Data Security Problem
Institutions that deal with a raw form of data storage and management require a unique set of skills from IT security specialists and engineers. These professionals get tasked with providing defensive mechanisms from cyber-attacks. However, finding individuals with this set of talent becomes a complicated issue as there are only a handful in the market. The scarcity of these type of personnel translates to significant expenses in the installation of impenetrable firewalls. Addressing breaches is a complicated matter, and its complexity depends on the kind of organization and its structure. For example, taking hospitals as the test subject because they store large amount of data regarding patients and medical breakthroughs, several factors in these institutions complicate data security.

The healthcare facilities face stiff competition for IT security personnel by other large corporations like banks. The move to make all records electronic by hospitals and companies has brought a rise in demand for the IT security personnel. The fact that finance institutions and other large corporations work on bigger budgets, it ensures they attract these professionals, unlike the healthcare facilities whose budget is mainly to provide health care.

Budget Issues
The law of supply and demand states that when the supply is low, the demand goes high. Therefore, due to lesser numbers with these set of skills, the demand goes high and consequently, the salaries to IT security specialists’ skyrockets. Most health facilities, however, can’t afford or hire the experts.

Technology Issues
A survey indicates that hospitals lag in the adoption of new and secure technology. Therefore, it’s almost sure to find health institutions running on outdated technology. The hospitals then become targets for the criminals.

Measures Put in Place to Avoid Security Breaches
By clicking here, there are several steps outlined below that help in addressing the security issue. With the aim of fixing the security issues, companies can employ different strategies that include

Investing in Education
Institutions tend to hire talents in the aspect of their experience. Therefore, promising young professionals to get ignored. It is important that organizations establish stronger partnerships with universities and institutions that get tasked with developing IT skills. By offering internship programs and training sessions, the companies groom the young professionals and prepares them for a demanding market. Training the existing staff is important as it enhances their awareness and improves their response to hackers.

Data Base Assessment
According to shrm.org, institutions should perform random tests aimed at checking vulnerabilities in the systems. Importantly, the assessment identifies compromised sections and helps in the classification of data.

Global Thinking
Investing in security experts from various parts of the world is necessary. It helps in widening the talent pool. However, the best approach remains in investing in education for IT experts.


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