Top Trends in Education Technology 2017

Top Trends in Education Technology 2017

Pressure on the education budget continues to increase around the world. Despite that fact, investment into technology but the education sector continues to increase major world economies are pumping more money into the education sector without any signs to slow down shortly. Global Industrial Analysis reports that the world of e-learning will increase to over $150 by the end of 2017. This is because of the latest technological advancements that demand additional skills. With this in mind, let’s look at the top trends in technology and education.

Online corporate learning

A growing momentum is predicted into the future of education technology for online learning initiatives for business and corporate initiatives. The corporate e-learning market is also expected to increase by over 14 percent by the end of 2018. This is because companies have realized that employees need to learn from the experience of other individuals in the industry. Employees can also further their knowledge in ways that are cost-effective, flexible, and tailored to your specific needs as an individual.

Online corporate learning will propel employees to attain better business management strategies at all levels of the profession. Using customized formats, the learners can train at their free time unlike the class-room-based training sessions.

Skill measurement

In conjunction with online corporate learning and building momentum, intensified focus in 2017 will be seen identifying the better ways to enhance competency-based learning, measure individual progress and assess skills, and ROI. The provision of customized education becomes imperative to ensure the learning experiences blend to foster cohesion. Efficient ways to track and measurer learning processes among the students will also be developed with the use of technology. The use of the Smarterer application got this because it has the capability to measure skill within ten minutes of few questions based on the adaptive algorithm.

Alternative learning styles

Gone are the days when all students relied on the video-based and text-based learning tutorials. While these tutorials can still be effective, we are expecting an emergence of new learning styles into the future. Part of the learning process will also allow the students input the codes directly into the browser or engage in competitive learning processes is the future of education technology. A unique approach is also offered by the Code School to engage their students in a fun environment to foster learning through the technological advancements in education.

Online competency-based training

While online learning and competency-based approaches are not new things in the industry, a revolutionary approach to education will be created by a blend of the two. A great disruptive potential is created by the online competency-based training session because it incorporates the right technology, the right tools, the customers, and learning models. This technology also combines learning modules into the adaptable pathways to the changing labor market in a cost-effective manner.

As the education sector embraces the new promise and power of digital learning, education is always exciting with the use of technology. The goal the students, administrators, and teachers are trying to achieve through education should be supplemented through technology. Click here for more information.


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