Business and Technology: A Love-Hate Relationship

Business and Technology: A Love-Hate Relationship

While we know technology encompasses all aspects of our lives, we have also learned to accept it. To know about security in your office or data backup, you don’t require being tech-savvy. Perhaps you are not contacting your IT technician more often because you are conversant with the simple things concerning technology. After all, simple tasks like updating your phone can be down alone without the need of an expert.

For once, let’s talk about business as the main topic. This piece aims at uniting CFOs, CEOs, entrepreneurs, and investors with the company’s aspect of technology they take care of. Click here for more information.

The Ghost of Information Technology
When looking at the definition of information technology on Wikipedia, facts like mathematical and statistical methods, high-order thinking, simulation, and Sumerians are talked about in this section. Most professional in the world of IT who are associated with programs, hardware, servers, nerds, and emails are brilliant. People working in this field must be versatile about technology.

In many corporate structures, the use of IT is not well-understood or well-represented in the organization structure. The senior management team is another part of the issue. The role of the CEO and the CFO is to manage the daily product management, operations, finances, sales, and marketing. Technology comes in to assist the management level through communication and representation.

Techno Innovations and Liabilities
Business executives need to ask the right questions regarding the IT infrastructure. The technology experts in a company also need to know how to relay their concerns in a proper communications channel. While the technology department proposes the purchase of the high-level computers that are expensive, the finance department wants to scale down the finance allocated to that purchase. There should be an understanding between the two departments because the IT department doesn’t want a single infrastructure error to jeopardize the entire company.

Some tech-experts tend to frame problems in the form of software and hardware requirements. They should start talking about competitive advantages and liabilities that can be used to add value to the company. Business leaders should ask for meetings to share their concerns.

Return to Common Sense
For the most, IT professionals are often enthusiastic about their profession and job. You will hear them talk about the latest technology trends in the market during the break. On the contrary, other professional in the company would say that they are playing with computers. For some professionals in IT, troubleshooting a computer is an act of joy. Wondering why the printer is not working properly is like riding on a horse. Suddenly, the IT professional is not deemed as a co-worker anymore.

For a fact, computer experts should be passionate about their job. For a business manager or the entrepreneur, they can locate the problem at this point. A passionate person at work can distort facts to make them fit into their point of view. This analogy has no place in the working environment. The dialogue between the world of business and technology in a company is the main solution to this problem.

IT is an important part of a business. Don’t fail to ask the IT department how your project can be conducted even if you look down upon them. Technology, business strategy, and finance play an equal role in the success of the business.


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