Different Film categories

Different Film categories

All films have different contents and stories and these stories and content tell use the type of the film, whether it is action film or a horror film. Every year hundreds of films are being made in all over the world and all these films have been categorized differently according to their stories, themes and content. There is a specific name given to the categorization of films and drama and that is genre. Each film has at least one main genre and that based on the main story of the film. For example it the film is about underworld mafia, then its genre would be crime but there will be sub genre such as romance or action if the film has those elements too. The categorization of films started after 1970s before that there was no genre.

Here are some main genres with descriptions.


Action films include high energy, physical activities like fighting, killing, chasing escapes, destructive crises and so on. In a normal action films there would be a hero or a villain or number of both and three would be fight against each other in the way of physical hurting or any other things. There can be wars, blood and many things. There are many science fiction films which are based on spaces, aliens, and such thing, those films can also be categorized in action films. The best example of this type of films is “day and night” featuring on Tom cruise. In this film Tom cruise is acting as a spy and trying to save a scientist.

Adventure Films

Adventure films are based on people’s life’s new experiences. If they have visited new places and searched and discovered things. These films can also have an element of action but mostly that will be fighting against nature during their experiences. The most wonderful example of this type of films is a “chronicles of Narnia” based on the story of four siblings who fought against those humans who were trying to destroy the animal kingdom.

 Comedy Films

Comedy films are full of fun and entertainment. People watch comedy films to relax and have the time of their lives. Comedies are light-hearted plots consistently and deliberately designed to amuse and provoke laughter dialogs and actions by exaggerating the situation, the language, action, relationships and characters. Mr. Beans is the best and the most famous example of comedy films.

Crime Films

Crime films are on the wrong doing of people. This film can be about any bad thing that people are doing around the world, such as drugs, mafia, underworld, killing people and all that. These films developed around the sinister actions of criminals or mobsters, figures, or ruthless hoodlums who operate outside the law, stealing and murdering their way through life. Criminal and gangster films are often categorized as film noir or detective-mystery films – because of underlying similarities between these cinematic forms. This category includes a description of various ‘serial killer’ films.


Everyone can understand the theme of a romantic film, a story about a person and his or her love and passion for some other person. How they fought with the world to stay with each other. A very new example of romantic movies is LA LA land, two people in love with each other but didn’t get to remain together because of their carriers.

There are many other categories, all these categories help to fast the search for you when you are searching through online movie website such as putlocker. This website has the biggest collection of all old and new films and TV series based on every genre.


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